About Us

  • Kling's Idlemine App is a unique mobile-based Play2Earn Web 3.0 app.
  • The user can earn KLing by playing thumb Inking game, wherein the user must hold their thumb and earn.
  • The user must deposit BNB to swap for KLing.
  • KLing is the In-Game Token for Idlemine. Idlemine game winners will earn Kling.
  • KLing token winnings can be swapped to BNB.
  • Convert your Idle time into your income.


  • We help low-income and no-income communities earn a livelihood through our app.
  • Play2earn games are usually complicated, but we've simplified them so anyone can play to earn.
  • Users can earn more than minimum wage just by tapping their screens.


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